One of my primary interests is the use of Salvia Divinorum for personal healing and spiritual exploration. It is an extremely unique psycho-active plant that can yield effects anywhere from subtle and meditative to dramatically psychedelic and visionary. 

It's generally considered physically safe and non-addictive, and it's relatively legal and easy to obtain, but uninformed use often leads to traumatic negative experiences. This is why I'm so passionate about training people in it's safe and productive use. 

Guided Experiences
I lead one on one sessions in person and remotely. This isn't just just passive tripsitting, it's a guided experience, catered to your comfort level and individual motivations. 

I do this on a sliding scale donation basis. Email if you're interested, feel free to ask questions before committing. 

Please note that I don't provide Salvia itself for remote sessions but I can lead you in the right direction. 

Videos Tutorials
I also produce videos on the subject, I've produced several dozen. Below are some useful videos for beginners, my Youtube channel has many more.

Basic Salvia videos