The House of Sacred Noise 
Boulder CO
Dec 15th 2023

Thanks for your interest in this ceremonial psychedelic experience encompassing healing, creative self-expression and the expansion of consciousness. It is an intimate gathering of artists and non-artists of all kinds, using improvised self-expression in a sacred context with a variety of intentions for healing, self-awareness, life direction, spiritual connection and artistic development.

In this gently guided experience, the two ceremony leaders, both also creative participants, will be holding space in two different ways, one present to participant’s immediate physical and psycho-emotional needs, and the other holding and inviting the group into an expansive energetic creative space. 

The event is a combination of a controlled therapeutic psychedelic session, workshop, sacred ceremony and art jam. Participants are supported in connecting their inner and outer worlds in an expressive way, in a group context.

All food, sound support, and sleeping space for one night will be provided. You will need to bring your own art supplies or other expressive media, a sleeping bag and extra food for the morning.

Why are we doing this? What’s all this for?

This event is designed to enrich your personal growth journey. Motivated by stress, illness, loss of direction, life changes, curiosity, artistic development, self-discovery, or more pleasure in life, an individual often seeks for a renewed sense of self and life meaning beyond their ordinary social norms.

Many facilitated psychedelics workshops focus exclusively on individual inner experience, but we have found that the self-actualization of movement, connection and self-expression are critical in personal growth as we bring that inner world to externalized form and self-experience.

The ceremony is designed for mind-body healing, self-awareness, a quiet and more open mind, a sense of connection to others and the greater whole through insight, direct experience, formal practice and of course, creative self-expression.

We will guide the journey and also provide a map and tools for personal empowerment and self-direction.

Why psychedelics?

Contrary to popular belief, psychedelics actually slow the brains activity, reducing the energy needed to switch between different mental states. Subjectively, similarly to meditative states, they reduce the impact of the logical directive mind, blur a sense of distinct boundaries and definitions and allow for a deeply immersive experience of ones sensory input. Psychedelics allow for fluid non-linear connections between different states of mind, aspects of life and self, and distinct areas of knowledge. One may experience occupying multiple “realities” at once, whether waking and dreaming, past present and future, personal and transcendent, and the like, but in a functional integrated way no longer reliant on those previous divisions.

But psychedelics aren’t the answer, nor even the work being done. The healing and growth influence of psychedelics depends on the receptivity of the individual, their willingness to change, allowance of perceptual novelty, and generally “showing up” to the experience.

And most importantly, the true growth potential of psychedelics depends on the content you bring to it, or are willing to have arise. This includes questions, intentions, curiosities and a general sense of a qualitative direction of new awareness and self transformation. Psychedelics are all about change.

Preparing for the Ceremony

Intentions helps to create a mental framework that will both influence and impart meaning to the experience. Intentions can be goal oriented or process oriented. 

Goal oriented intentions can focus on identifiable things you would like to change about your life, to bring in or leave behind, or the goals can focus more on the qualities in yourself or your life you would like to change. These are important types of intentions when you are clear on what you would like to achieve.

Process oriented goals focus on ways in which you would like to engage your inner or outer experience- to receive insight, undergo healing, experience something more deeply. Process oriented goals can helpful in qualitatively directing the experience, but letting the specific content be spontaneous and unplanned.

A note for non-artists

“Art” is often taken as a distinction of special talent or an inborn nature. But everyone is a unique cultivation of a lifetime of skills, interests and experiences, which together create who you are. Applying your unique cultivation is art.

Unique artistic mediums could be prayer, consciousness itself, people watching, practical design, manifestation or a vision for yours or others’ life direction. Knowledge and experience can itself be art. Art is about having a vision or expressing a message, and connecting to the inner place from which vision and message arise. Art is about seeing and saying something new.

A note for artists and new artists

Contrary to the formal practice of using your medium in a traditional way, rich with self judgement and right and wrong thinking, we will be reappropriating our artistic mediums for their pure effect, as carriers for the reflection of our experience of ourselves and others. 

Improvisation implies a priority of self-expression over any end result. In this practice it is possible to ultimately experience the collective artistic expression as a unified whole transcendent of the separate individual.

The Afternoon Workshop
The day will start with an optional afternoon workshop on quieting the inner space, expanding awareness, focusing attention, self-experiencing, clarifying intentions, group creativity, working with psychedelics and how to use improvisation as an expressive medium. We will cover both philosophic and technical aspects. “Not yet” artists will have support in finding their own expressive medium. The workshop is particularly suited for folks who might be new to deep self-awareness, creative improvisation or psychedelics.

The Main Event
The ceremony starts in the early evening and will be a lightly structured individually dosed psilocybin journey (based on experience, comfort, and other factors), meditation, discussion, and collaborative improvised music and art.

There will also be an opportunity for individual guided experiences with Salvia Divinorum.

There's no pressure to leave, we'll be able to accommodate folks staying all night. So hangout, listen to music, play solo sets, or go integrate with some privacy and sleep. We'll have the space until the late morning.

We're also offering one on one integration coaching or Salvia Divinorum experience sessions in the following week with either of the organizers, Jeremy Kurn and Chris Mandel. 

The pricing structure is built to keep the price down while also adequately funding the event and covering costs such as venue, transportation, materials, etc..

Main event: $75

Afternoon Workshop $50
One on one sessions $50

- Talk to us if pricing is prohibitive for you.

- We are building a team for a larger non-profit. If you'd like to contribute over and above the set contribution or in a non-monetary way, let us know.

Talk to Jeremy to take care of money transfers and please register with him as early as possible so that we can make appropriate preparations.

Jeremy's phone: 303-903-2765      Venmo: @Jeremy-Kurn        Cashapp: $jkurn

* We would like to spread the word about this event so please tell your trusted friends and have them text me at this number.

Bios (full bios available upon request)

Chris Mandel has been exploring music, spirituality, and psychedelics for over 25 years. He holds a Master’s of Religious Studies from the Iliff School of Theology where he wrote his thesis on spirituality in jazz music, and is formally trained in spiritual energy work and Vipassana meditation. He discovered the magic of psychedelic jam sessions in 2005, and has been participating in and organizing events in this vein ever since. He also shares his love of psychedelic spirituality through his youtube channel Cloudless Rain Visions and individual coaching.

Jeremy Kurn has been studying, practicing and working professionally in music, spirituality, psychedelics, philosophy for 25 years. He holds a Bachelor’s of music composition from UC Davis and has pursued a host of private educational endeavors. He is formally trained in psychedelics practice and administration, Buddhist and Hindu meditation, therapeutic applications of music and various mind-body techniques. He began participating in psychedelic jam sessions in 2004, and has been applying these techniques in many ways and organizing similar events ever since. He shares his love of psychedelic spirituality and metaphysics through his teaching and coaching.