Psychedelic Christmas LIVESTREAM 12/8/23

I'll be livestreaming a free online guided psychedelic journey on 12/8/23 at approximately 7pm Pacific time. 

This won't just be vaguely trippy, it'll be a full ceremony with ritualized dosing, guided meditation, and live music/sound designed for various stages of the psychedelic adventure. There will also be an opportunity for an integration Zoom in the following days. 

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Link to Show

Want to meet up the next day?
Link to integration Zoom, 12/9 10:30am Pacific time

Suggested medicines: 

  • medium dose of psilocybin mushrooms (2-3 grams for most people)
  • Salvia Divinorum extract 

Possible substitutions:

  • MDMA/MDA or Cannabis instead of mushrooms
  • DMT instead of Salvia

For the best experience it's best to start the ceremony sober. 

It's Christmas Time!

In a previous era of my life I earned a Master's degree in theology at and was a religious educator for 5 years. I don't go to church to often any more but my background puts me in a unique position to integrate Christian symbols into a psychedelic context. 

Themes that may come up include the Divine Mother, Divine Child, Rebirth, and healing religious trauma. 

We'll also be using traditional Christmas music as source material for the musical elements.